$50,000 Donation to Medford Township Public Schools

On Monday, October 19, 2015,  representatives of the Board of Trustees for the Medford Education Foundation attended the Medford Township Board of Education’s  regular October meeting to announce that  the Foundation was making a  $50,000.00 donation to the Medford Township Public Schools in support of the District’s ChromeBooks Initiative which is designed to put technology in the hands of classroom students across the District.

Board Presentation

In recognition of that directed donation,  as well as the $605,00.00 which has been donated to the MTPS by the Foundation since 2004, the Medford Township Board of Education passed a Resolution honoring and recognizing the Medford Education Foundation for its efforts,  reading in part “that on the occasion of the announcement by the Medford Education Foundation of their 2015 financial school gifts totaling Fifty Thousand Dollars to the Medford Township Public Schools that the Medford Township Board of Education expresses to the Medford Education Foundation their thanks for these gifts and on behalf of the children of Medford a thank you for the continued service of the Foundation to the quality of education in the Medford Township Public Schools. “

The full text of the Board of Education Resolution honoring the Medford Education Foundation.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dine Out for Education Night

at participating Medford Restaurants


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