May 2013 Grant Awards

The Board of Trustees of the Medford Education Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded more than $10,000 in educational grants for the second grant period of 2013 as follows:

 “Citizen Science Education Program”. Vicky Gorman


This grant will help fund the Citizen Science Education Program being developed at Memorial Middle School is designed to help students and adult members of the community to become scientifically literate. Students will take regular measurements of various atmospheric, hydrological, biological and geological features of a selected study site. They will share that data with information collected from other schools around the world and other science sources to create dynamic, on-line images of Earth. This information will be available to the general public to encourage citizen groups to college data and field information for local, national and world scientists.

Literacy Instruction Using a Kindle”. Janice Urban


This grant will allow for the purchase of twenty-six (26) Kindle reading devices for use by all fifth grade students at the Taunton Forge Elementary School. Literacy instruction need to include the use of technology to appeal to students who are digital natives. Use of the Kindle reading device by all fifth grade students in their language arts classes will support reading and vocabulary growth, help the students advance their benchmark reading levels and make reading something that they enjoy and look forward to doing.

Picture This! Picture Books Promote Literacy”. Carolan Kviklys.


This grant will allow for the purchase of one hundred picture books to be used by all students at the Haines 6th Grade Center during their language arts classes. One expects to see picture books in elementary classrooms, but children’s literature provides teachers with invaluable instructional tools for teaching both reading and writing skills at the middle school level. These books are useful to model a range of skills over multiple reading levels in order to reach a wide range of students with varying abilities, are an efficient way to model active reading strategies, teach literacy targets, and serve as writing models. The rich descriptive language of picture books helps students to expand their own vocabulary and make abstract writing concepts more concrete.

 “Focus on Non-Fiction”. Barbara O’Hanlon


This grant will permit the school to subscribe to three levels of non-fiction books from the Junior Library Guild in order to enhance the non-fiction science, history and social studies holdings in the Memorial Middle School Library. These books will give middle school students more access to informational (non-fiction) texts to increase the independent reading of these books.

 “Enriching Student Education in the Library by Updating Non-Fiction Science Library Resources”. K.L. Simpkins.


This grant will allow the acquisition of numerous non-fiction science content books in order to improve the science library collection of the Allen Elementary School library and insure that library resources support the new elementary science curriculum being implemented in accordance with the Common Core State Standards.